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About Tumbleweed

The first Tumbleweed Restaurant was opened in 1975 by George and Linda Keller, occupying a small, 28-seat building in New Albany, IN. The name was "borrowed" from the hit Elton John album of that year, "Tumbleweed Connection."

The fare was "Tex-Mex," the original American fusion food, and folks came from miles around to sample the bold flavors and enjoy the heaping helpings served there.

It was a success beyond anything the Kellers had imagined. And it was just the beginning.

By 1995, Tumbleweed--now 7 stores strong--had added wood-fired grilling to its menu line-up and was ready to grow beyond its hometown roots. Several franchisees were already in place, the largest and most successful of those headed by Matt Higgins.

In 2007, the Tumbleweed reigns were handed to Matt--as CEO--and his identical twin brother Mike--as COO. The pair, who had been involved with the concept nearly from its inception, moved aggressively to project the uniqueness of the Tumbleweed brand by focusing attention on its bold flavors and cold margaritas.

Perhaps Matt says it best in this quote:

"We know folks crave our flavors and our margaritas. They're bigger and bolder than the ordinary chain on the corner, and we're out to be loud and proud about saying so."

Today, Tumbleweed Tex-Mex Grill & Margarita Bar is 25 restaurants strong throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio and 14 locations licensed internationally.

A wholly-owned subsidiary, Custom Food Solutions (CFS), operates from a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the very latest food service development and production technology. CFS serves a variety of restaurant and institutional food providers. Tumbleweed is its largest client.

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