My TumbleBucks Rewards Program!

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Here's how it works:

MyTumblebucks is a rewards card that helps you earn surprises throughout the year.

Give your card to your server during each visit; we'll swipe it and once we get an idea of what Tumbleweed favorites you prefer, we'll do our best to reward you with more surprises based on what you love. It's another way we say "thanks" for choosing us!

You may also get invites to special tastings and events throughout the year!

You will also receive a Surprise on your Birthday and Anniversary.

Rules & Regulations

  • Balances on this card are not refundable or redeemable for cash or gift cards
  • Must be 21 years or older to join
  • Freebies earned on the card cannot be used for tax, gratuity and alcoholic beverages
  • Not valid at Mall café locations.


Have questions or problems with your MyTumblebucks card? Please e-mail your card number and questions to us at Tell Tumbleweed for assistance.

Please allow 2 business days for a response.

Please note, for missed visit questions, please make sure you include in your e-mail:

  1. The store you visited
  2. The date of your visit
  3. The 4 digit check number (found on the top left corner of your receipt)
  4. The amount you spent at this visit (before tax and gratuity)