Established Brand Recognition

Tumbleweed Tex Mex restaurants have built a strong reputation for serving delicious Southwestern cuisine and providing exceptional dining experiences. As a franchisee, you benefit from the brand’s established recognition, which can attract customers and drive business to your location.

Proven Business Model

Franchising with Tumbleweed Tex Mex means gaining access to a well-defined business model that has been successfully implemented across multiple locations. This model includes strategies for operations, marketing, and customer service, giving franchisees a roadmap for success.

Training and Support

Tumbleweed Tex Mex provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to franchisees, helping them navigate every aspect of restaurant ownership. From initial setup to day-to-day operations, franchisees receive guidance and assistance from experienced professionals in the industry.

Growth Opportunities

Franchising with Tumbleweed Tex Mex opens doors to potential growth and expansion opportunities. With a proven concept and a supportive franchisor, franchisees can explore opening multiple locations or expanding into new markets, further increasing their potential for success and profitability.



1.9 million AUV top performing group 3.6 million




12 months



  • For your 1st– $40,000
  • Discounted rate on 2nd – $35,000
  • Discounted rate on 3rd – $25,000

Assisted Real Estate, Marketing, Operations, Training, Purchasing and More

16 Area locations

Meet our founder

Introducing Matt Higgins, a distinguished figure in the world of Tex Mex cuisine as President Emeritus, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill and Margarita Bar. With an illustrious career spanning over four decades with the company, Matt’s leadership has been pivotal in establishing Tumbleweed as a beloved dining destination known for its authentic flavors and vibrant atmosphere.

Matt’s greatest joy comes from spending time with his grandchildren, showering them with love and laughter, and imparting cherished family traditions. When he’s not at the helm of Tumbleweed, Matt retreats to his tranquil lake house spending cherished moments spent cruising on his boat.

Through his dedication to both business and family, Matt embodies the essence of success, balance, and enduring values.


The year was 1975, George and Linda Keller had their hearts set on opening a restaurant of their own. They developed a range of flavors they fell in love with and over the next few weeks, they shared them with their friends and family who confirmed they had a winning recipe.

The Kellers found a small, 35-seat building near the local high school in New Albany, IN, and with less than $10,000 launched the first ever Tumbleweed. The name was “borrowed” from the Elton John hit album of that year, “Tumbleweed Connection.” George manned the kitchen and Linda waited tables. Though business was slow at first, it built steadily and in less than a year, customers were lining up on the sidewalks outside most every day, waiting for their taste of the Tex Mex favorites the Kellers made from scratch.

With demand growing, the Kellers rolled with the Tumbleweed concept into a 7,000 square foot facility across the river in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a success beyond anything the Kellers had imagined. Over the next few years, George and Linda would open three more Tumbleweed locations in Louisville, and franchise four more in Southern Indiana and across Kentucky.

After a trip to Dallas, Texas in 1984, the Kellers installed wood-burning Mesquite grills in each unit to cook steak, chicken and seafood over a real mesquite fire for that authentic Tex Mex flavor

After 20 years spent building Tumbleweed into a potential powerhouse, the Kellers decided in 1995 that it was time to make way for a new leadership regime. The Tumbleweed of today doesn’t remotely resemble that first tiny restaurant. Yet since its inception, innovation and evolution have remained the hallmarks of the Tumbleweed concept.

Why Tumbleweed

It’s been said that “Timing is Everything.”  That’s especially true in the highly competitive Casual Dining Restaurant segment. What was considered a “hot” concept yesterday can quickly become a passing fad.

What’s needed to succeed in the long haul is a platform broad and expansive enough to continuously evolve as taste and trends in dining change.

Tex Mex and the way Tumbleweed bundles it together, is that kind of platform. We grill steaks, seafood, chicken and pork over a real mesquite fire we keep burning right in the kitchen. The result is a rich, smoky American borderland flavor you can’t find anywhere else and you can’t duplicate at home.

But grilling is only part of what we do. Our spicy, tangy take on traditional south-of-the-border favorites like fajitas, burritos, enchiladas and chimichangas, keeps the guests coming back for more. Our menu offers a wide range of choices but does not compromise authenticity and quality.

Tumbleweed franchising presents a distinctive opportunity rooted in the rich history of Tex Mex cuisine. By partnering with Tumbleweed Tex Mex, you get the opportunity to join a thriving brand that seamlessly blends tradition with modern favorites.

Embracing this franchise is an exciting proposition for business owners eager to bring the original tastes of Tex Mex to new and untapped markets.

The Time is Right.  The Concept is Right Your Opportunity is Now.

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